Call for Papers


In today's world, we are surrounded by data. Data is widely recognized as the most critical asset of the 21st century – which has been called the "big data era". The ability to quickly and intelligently extract information from data can represent an asset for every organization to guide its actions, contributing to building a sustainable competitive advantage. Data science is growing rapidly as an interdisciplinary area that includes statistics, data mining, machine learning, and analytics. Among these fields, machine learning aims to create machines that improve autonomously and learn through experience, able to uncover hidden patterns and make decisions with little human intervention.

Combined with big data, machine learning can open a wide span of possibilities for business and management researchers, and contribute to developing new research questions and theories. With more data scope and richness, it is possible to address new problems that have never been investigated before.

As such, the workshop seeks to bring together international scholars interested in exploring the intersection of big data and machine learning approaches in entrepreneurship, SMEs and family business research to create new knowledge.


The target groups for the workshop are scholars with an interest in interdisciplinary research applied to entrepreneurship, SMEs, and family business research. The workshop is open to a broad range of methodological and theoretical approaches with a specific focus on big data and machine learning.

The workshop consists of three main formats:

1) Keynote speech: each day will have a keynote session providing insights from leading scholars into current developments on big data and machine learning applied to entrepreneurship, SMEs and family business studies.

2) Parallel sessions: participants will present and discuss ongoing research projects, engage in constructive comments and receive feedback from peers and senior scholars.

3) Social events: we believe that the best ideas are born at coffee and dinner tables. The workshop will include various social moments to let participants network and exchange ideas in an informal and relaxed environment.


[The workshop is postponed to Spring 2023. Please follow us or write to us to know further details!]

The workshop is held at the IMT School Campus, located in Piazza S. Francesco, 19 - 55100 Lucca, Italy. For more information on how to reach us, visit this page.


Those willing to stay in Lucca for the weekend can benefit from a deep dive into machine learning algorithms and their applications for research.

This additional training will take place on Saturday morning at IMT School. Workshop participants can participate for free!